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 140cm silicone man doll lifelike life size adult sex toys for gays boy silicone male sex doll for Women

 140cm silicone man doll lifelike life size adult sex toys for gays boy silicone male sex doll for Women

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Height 140cm Hip 79cm Penis 16-18cm
Neck 22cm Arm  58cm Anus depth 14cm
Shoulder 32cm Palm 17cm Net Weight 30.5kg
Upper breast 73cm Leg 74cm Oral depth 12cm
Lower breast 67cm Foot 21cm Waist 61cm

140 (1)140 (2)140 (3)140 (4)140 (5)

Description of our 140cm male sex doll:

Waterproof, easy to clean, clean with soap before first use.

3D internal texture tunnel, super real.

1-3cm tolerance.

Soft skin: High quality medical TPE material.

Our dolls are designed by proportion and symmetry of the human body, look like more human.

1.Before use, you can insert the heating rod first to heat, in case of overheating, Do not over 25 minutes.
2.To use water-based lubricant and condom when you loving the doll.
3.Make sure her clothes are color transfer resistant, or it’ll be very difficult to clean it.
4.Do not exposing your doll to the sun for long time to prevent material aging.
5.Clean the body regularly with mild antibacterial soap and warm water.
6.Towel dry your doll and avoid using hair dryers as these can be damaging.
7.Be careful when moving the doll, avoid dropping / knocking / breaking.
8.Your love doll is not allowed to have a full swing from different angles.
9.Don’t leave her in the same position for a too long time, not even leaving her lying on a hard surface for long.
10.There is a steel skeleton built-in, which makes her very flexible, but we suggest you don’t make too complex poses, it is harm to your doll’s skin and skeleton.
11. When not in use, store this silicone dolls in the crate that it came inside of and it must be placed in the horizontal position with all joints straight and relax. Avoid excessively cold and excessively hot storing conditions.

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