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169cm cheap silicone artificial intellig sex doll with butts young butterfly sex toy TPE silicon sex doll for man

169cm cheap silicone artificial intellig sex doll with butts young butterfly sex toy TPE silicon sex doll for man

Short Description:

Model: YQ-169

Height: 169cm

Weight: 39.5kgs

Package size: 158*40*30cm

Package weight: 45.5kgs

Price: $ 600/pc by standard suit

Shipping cost: please send your exact address, zip code and quantity

Product Detail

Product Tags

Height 169cm Hip 93cm Vagina depth 17cm
Oral depth 12cm Arm  67cm Anus depth 14cm
Shoulder 31cm Palm 16cm Net Weight 39.5kg
Upper breast 84cm Leg 96cm Length of hand 16cm
Lower breast 86cm Foot 22cm Waist 51cm

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Advantages of  Doll Sex Silicone:

Durable : Used for a long time, not easy to be damaged.

Lifelike: Real touch feeling, same-size ratio like real human being

Flexible: Metal skeleton inside,you can set any pose of the doll without any worry.
Security: MSDS,CE,ROHS and 16P certification all passed

More facial expressions: More facial expressions such as smile,make faces and kiss make the doll more like human being.

Japan latest scientific achievements of the simulation model in accordance with human

skin, make, genuine products, feel good, true to her skin, you can put on a different

clothes, she is your most loyal privacy lovers.

Main features of our sex robot:

1), Talking function: She can talk and communicate with people in both English and Chinese. She can also do translate. She can translate English into Chinese or translate Chinese into English.
You can ask the sex robot to tell stories or jokes, or let her do the math, also weather forecast. Cause she’s connected with Internet. So She know everything.

2), Simulation function: The robot sex doll’s eyelids can blink, her eyeball can move, her head can move and her mouth also move when she talks.

3), High sensitive body: With build-in multiple touch sensors in her body, when touch her sensitive parts, for example: her arms, thighs, breasts and vagina, she response back with exciting moaning sounds.
Heating system make her have the normal human body temperature available.

4), Automatic upgrading system enables her to have the most stable system and the latest functions

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