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Love Class: What is a jumping egg?

Love Class: What is a jumping egg?

Jumping eggs is a female masturbation sex products, a little cute used for husband and wife effective flirting. Jumping eggs has the vibration function, so that women continue to orgasm. It has a good improvement effect on the treatment of female sexual apathy, lack of orgasm and other diseases.

Why is it called jumping eggs? Perhaps because it is shaped like eggs. jumping eggs are divided into: wired jump eggs and wireless jumping eggs. Generally jumping eggs use high-level PVC non-toxic polymer medical materials. before and after use,you should pay attention to cleaning and hygiene.  The internal circuit part of non-waterproof jump egg should not touch water, but female love liquid on the egg jump has no effect, it can be used safely.

Jumping eggs, also known as shock eggs, which are equipped with shock motors. Due to their small size and strong stimulation, jumping eggs have been widely popular among young women, but also by single white-collar, older leftover women. Because jumping eggs, even small, but can bring a strong sense of pleasure to the body and mind. This is the magic of egg jumping, it can effectively stimulate the sensitive areas of the female body, especially the clitoris, nipples, neck and the inside of the thigh and other sensitive areas, this stimulation will be quickly transmitted by the nerves to the brain center, so as to achieve the same excitement of sex, so that the body and mind completely relaxed. Therefore, foreign sex therapists also often use jumping eggs to treat women suffering from sexual a cold.

Of course, jumping eggs can also be used in men, but the stimulation and excitement of men is far less significant and intense than that of women. For single women or women who can’t have a normal sex life, jumping eggs is a good partner. It is easy to use, the effect is outstanding, and female can soon reach orgasm. Waterproof jumping eggs can even be used in the bathroom and swimming pool. Remote control can be their own remote control and others remote control. It’s a variety of play, you can experience long-lost passion.

Use of egg jumping:

1, Shake the clitoris part when doing masturbation, sustained and high-intensity stimulation can greatly make ahead of the time of clitoris orgasm than simply by hand.

2, When doing masturbation, jumping eggs can also be inserted to stimulate G-point.

3, When couples do foreplay, use it to avoid the suffering of male hand acid.

4, wireless jumping eggs can be used in couples when they are outside.


1, after receiving the jumping egg , it needs to be cleaned and then used. Washing with warm water is ok.

2, Apply moderate lubricant to jump eggs and vaginal mouth.

3, if it is a battery model, take out the battery  after using  it, otherwise the battery will not be used.

4, if it is a charging model, charge it before using to avoid no electricity when in half masturbation process.It is more painful.

5, the most critical thing is to pay attention to the collection.

Jumping eggs is the first level in sex toys, if the sex life lacks stimulation and pleasure, jumping eggs will be your best choice.

Post time: Sep-23-2020